monthly retainer packages

We provide a wide range of monthly support with different packages


These packages can be customized based on the client’s monthly requirements

Security Package

149 Per month
  • Assurance of Website security
  • Software updates (plugins + themes)
  • Website backups
  • Technical errors fixing

Basic Package

299 Per month
  • Security Package
  • Web hosting management
  • Third party services handling
  • Modifying/updating existing pages and content

Dynamic Package

649 Per month
  • Basic Package
  • Up to 6 new pages design
  • Design of a new website (Up to 6 pages)
  • Add new functionalities (up to 6)
  • Webshop support

Dynamic+ Package

999 Per month
  • Basic Package
  • Up to 10 new pages design
  • Design of a new website (Up to 10 pages)
  • Add new functionalities (up to 10)
  • Webshop management (Up to 15 product)

All packages includes monthly reporting

*Assurance of website security: Protecting the website from hackers, malware, and various web attacks.
*Software updates: constantly updating different software, plugins, and design themes to ensure the security and functionality of the website.
*Technical problems fixing: fixing all bugs and mall functionalities related to the website that may occur on the backend.
*Web hosting management: Manage directories,  storage, emails, database, and domains
*Third-party services handling: Supporting third-party services such as payment processors, email marketing providers…
*Webshop support: Supporting Ecommerce functionalities, adjusting settings, and ensuring well-functioning (this is not webshop management) 
*Webshop management: Supporting adding/modifying products, orders, reports, coupons…

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