SEO case study: How We Helped a Language School Dominate Google Search Results in Just 5 Months


When approached by a reputable language school in need of increased visibility and exposure, our agency recognized the untapped potential in leveraging digital marketing strategies to expand their reach. Despite their strong reputation and significant student base built largely through word-of-mouth, the language school desired a more robust online presence to attract a wider audience and reinforce their authority in the language education domain.

Client Background

Partnering with a distinguished language school that had predominantly operated offline, our objective was to facilitate their transition into the digital realm. Emphasizing the need for an enriched Google My Business profile, stronger local search rankings, and a holistic digital marketing strategy, our collaboration addressed their aspirations for broader outreach and business expansion.

Strategy Implementation

Implemented strategies encompassed:

  1. Review Activation Campaigns: Activated past students through targeted campaigns, prompting them to share testimonials and feedback. Focused on leveraging positive experiences to build credibility and trust within the online community, reinforcing the school’s reputation and attracting prospective students. This action aimed to enhance Google’s perception of the business’s credibility for higher rankings.
  2. Google My Business Optimization: Thoroughly optimized the school’s Google My Business profile. Ensured accurate representation of essential information such as business hours, location, contact details, and services offered. This optimization aimed to increase visibility on local searches and Google Maps, facilitating easier discovery by potential students.
  3. Website and Keyword Optimization: Implemented a precise keyword optimization strategy on the school’s website. Focused on incorporating relevant keywords and phrases to resonate with the target audience, aiming for improved organic search rankings and enhanced discoverability by potential students seeking language courses.
  4. Local Citations and NAP Consistency: Stressed the significance of local citations and maintained consistent implementation of the school’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) across diverse online platforms and directories. This concerted effort aimed to solidify the school’s local presence, augment credibility, and amplify visibility in local search results, attracting potential students within the community.


Through our concerted efforts, the language school achieved remarkable progress within a short span of five months. Their Google My Business profile received a significant boost in terms of engagement and visibility, leading to a noticeable increase in inquiries and student enrollment. Moreover, their rankings on Google’s search results and Google Maps experienced a remarkable ascent, securing them a coveted spot on the first page of search results and a top-three position on Google Maps. The screenshots attached below highlight the concrete evidence of their elevated rankings, enhanced website traffic, and improved keyword rankings.


Our collaboration with the language school exemplifies the transformative power of digital marketing strategies, even for businesses with established offline reputations. The successful case study underscores the importance of incorporating effective local SEO practices and Google My Business optimization to amplify a business’s online presence. With our tailored strategies and meticulous execution, we helped the language school unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion, demonstrating the potential for any business to thrive in the digital landscape with the right digital marketing partner.

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